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What if there is a way for you to move past feeling stuck with bad habits and unhealthy stress? Isn’t worth spending a couple minutes to find out if hypnosis is right for you?  This concise, 10 page e-book will answer many of the questions you may have, including:

  • Do you really lose control during hypnosis?
  • What kind of challenges do hypnotists help people with?
  • Can anyone be hypnotized?
  • Who doesn’t this work for?
  • How to dramatically increase your chances for success.
  • Bonus: a link to a free self-hypnosis mp3 so you can try hypnosis at home first.
This primer will help you make an informed decision on whether a hypnosis counseling program would be a good fit for you as it has been for so many other New Jersey residents. Click on the Add to Cart button to let us know where to send your copy.

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